TitleSediment undulations on the Llobregat prodelta: Signs of early slope instability or sedimentary bedforms?
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsUrgeles R, De Mol B, Puig P, De Batist M, Hughes-Clarke JE
Conference NameRendiconti Online Societa Geologica Italiana
AbstractA field of sediment undulations has been mapped in the Llobregat River prodelta. similar features had been recognized in other prodeltas and interpreted either as deformation or sedimentary structures. therefore, proper interpretation of these undulations is needed for correct risk assessment. We evaluate the characteristics of the sediment undulations in order to determine the most likely process for the origin of these structures. these characteristics indicate that the sediment undulations on the Llobregat River prodelta do not result from sediment deformation. their identification as sediment waves implies that such features do not pose a major hazard for further offshore development.