TitleSeismic imaging and modelling of the lithosphere of SW-Iberia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFlecha I., Palomeras I., Carbonell R., Simancas F., Ayarza P., Matas J., González-Lodeiro F., Pérez-Estaún A.
Date Publishedjul
KeywordsCrustal heterogeneities, Mafic intrusions, Wide-angle stack
AbstractData from a closely spaced wide-angle transect has been used to study the middle-to-lower crust and the Moho in SW-Iberia. A low-fold wide-angle stack image reveals a highly heterogeneous seismic signature at lower-crustal levels changing laterally along the profile. The lower crust features an irregular distribution of the reflectivity that can be explained by a heterogeneous distribution of physical properties. The Moho discontinuity also features a high variability in its seismic character that correlates with the different tectonic terranes in the area. A 2D finite difference code was used for solving the elastic wave equation and to provide synthetic wide-angle shots. Relatively simple layer cake model derived from conventional refraction interpretation generates the main events of the shot records. However, these models cannot account for the lateral variability of the seismic signature. In order to obtain more realistic simulations, the velocity model was modified introducing stochastic lensing at different levels within the crust. The Moho was modelled as a 3 km thick layered structure. The resulting average velocity models include a high velocity layer at mid-crustal depth, a highly reflective lower crust and a relatively thin horizontal Moho. This heterogeneous model can be achieved by lensing within the crust, a layered mafic intrusion and a strongly laminated lower crust and Moho. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.