TitleA new multi-platform modular software tool for wide-angle reflection/refraction seismic data processing and representation (WASPAR)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRodríguez I., Simon C., Sallarès V., Carlosena A., Mànuel A., Dañobeitia J.J.
JournalComputers & Geosciences
KeywordsObject oriented programming, Plug-in, Signal processing, Software, wide-angle seismics
AbstractWASPAR (Wide-Angle reflection-refraction Seismic data Processing And Representation) is a new free multi-platform software tool to process and display wide-angle seismic data. It has been designed to read different raw data formats, construct record sections, process them using existing and newly developed algorithms, pick seismic phases and generate graphic files using a single, user-friendly interface. The main characteristics of WASPAR are its flexibility and expandability. It has been designed in a modular way using a plug-in architecture to manage raw data access and processing functionalities. We thus obtain a stable base easily maintainable and expandable. We have chosen the C ++ programming language in combination with an object oriented methodology to facilitate the development of a multi-platform software tool, which is already available on Linux and MS Windows. In order to allow its expansion and upgrade, the program will be freely distributed under the terms of GPL license. The philosophy of this software tool is to leave it open to external contributions. © 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.