Degree in Physicist (2007-2012, Universitat de Barcelona). Master Degree in Reservoir Geology and Geophysics (2012-2013, Universitat de Barcelona). Master project in: "Assessment of Travel-Time and Full Waveform Inversion methods as a tool to characterize reservoir geometry and properties" (2013, Universitat de Barcelona - Barcelona-CSI). From 2014, PhD student in Earth Sciences at Universitat de Barcelona. These studies are being carried out at Barcelona-CSI. The general objective of my PhD thesis is to take advantage of the different characteristics of the tomographic methods to obtain high-resolution velocity models out of multichannel seismic (MCS) data, so that geological interpretations of the shallow subsurface structure can be refined. The study will be tested with many synthetic and real data. One possibility will be the data from the Gulf of the Cadis in the Alborán Sea, acquired during the TOPOMED cruise. I have participated in different geophysics cruises (GEOMARGEN 3, HADES-CHIANTI), collaborating in the acquisition tasks ( deployment and recoverment of ocean bottom seismometers) and in the quality control of geophysics data (bathymetric, sub-bottom profiler and multichannel seismic reflection data).


Study of the physical properties of the subsurface, especially the p-wave velocity, from the seismic wavefield. Development and implementation of new geophysical methods and modelling strategies for multi-scale imaging and characterization of geological structures.