DANIEL DAGNINO Researcher +34 932 309 500 (ext. 6053) dagnino@icm.csic.es

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Conference contributions

  • Talks

    • Initial Model Sensitivity of Full Wave-Form Inversion using Early Arrivals,
      D. Dagnino, C. E. Jiménez Tejero, V. Sallarès and C. R. Ranero,
      16th SEISMIX International Symposium, Castelldefels, España, 2014
    • Adaptive gradient preconditioner for multi-shooting elastic full-waveform inversion,
      D. Dagnino,
      Recent Developments on Numerical Methods for Seismic Inverse Problems & Applications, Calgary, Canada, 2013
  • Proceedings

  • Poster presentation

    • Multi-parameter, multi-scale, multi-shooting scheme for full-waveform seismic tomography of 2D elastic models,
      D. Dagnino, J. Kormann, N. Korta, V. Sallarès, C. Ranero.
      Pekin, China, 2012. Note: Poster was presented by V. Sallarès.
    • Geometric potentials as a tool to produce strongly correlated states in cold Bose gases,
      D. Dagnino.
      Quantum Engineering of States and Devices: Theory an Experiments, Obergurgl, Austria, 5-10 June 2010.
    • Dynamical evolution of trapped rotating BEC’s,
      D. Dagnino, N. Barberan, M. Lewenstein and J. Dalibard,
      Quantum optics VII: Quantum engineering of atoms and photons, Zakopane, Polonia, 8 June 2009.
    • Broken symmetry ground and excited states of small rotating bosonic and fermionic systems,
      D. Dagnino, A. Riera, K. Osterloh, J. Taron, N. Barberan, and M. Lewenstein.
      EuroQuam Conference on cold quantum matter, ICFO, Barcelona, 2008.
    • Symmetry breaking in small rotating cloud of trapped ultracold Bose atoms,
      D. Dagnino, N. Barberan, M. Lewenstein and K. Osterloh,
      Recent progress in the studies of quantum gases, Institut Henri Poincare, Paris, France, 27 June 2007.

Other talks

  • Brief introduction of geophysical methods used to retrieve geological subsurface models of the Earth,
    D. Dagnino,
    ECM talks, Barcelona, 2014.

Marine surveys participation

  • Survey CHIANTI-ZIP, June 27 to July 3, 2015
  • Survey HADES, July 23 to August 3, 2015
  • Survey GEOMARGEN, October 30 to November 27, 2011
  • Survey TOPOMED, October 17-27, 2011

Software development

  • Inversion and modelling strategies
  • Methodological development
  • Oceanographic research